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Shawn Goodman

Shawn Goodman

Clarinetist Shawn Goodman has a fresh, sexy approach to jazz clarinet, and the public has an appetite for her modern sound. Click here to learn more about Shawn Goodman, and listen to her recent interviews on WFYI and WICR.

In September 2013, Shawn collaborated with jazz pianist Gary Walters to produce her first solo album, "Not Benny's Goodman."

NUVO magazine selected "Not Benny's Goodman" as one of their favorite local albums of the year and called the album "deliciously groovy."

Shawn is available for instrumental clinics. Click here for more information.

IMEA attendees, Click HERE to download your Clarinet Pedagogy handouts!

Check out this great video, courtesy of Yamaha and Music for All, of a Shawn teaching a clarinet masterclass at the 2015 MFA Summer Symposium. MFA video

Shawn Goodman is a Yamaha Performing Artist and plays Yamaha clarinets exclusively.

I really enjoy her smoky sound and intimate playing ... some hot licks too!

-- David Bellman, Principal Clarinet, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

An intimate jazz, with heart and great interpretation.

-- Dr. Florian Popa, clarinetist with Musica Nova Chamber Group, Bucharest, and creator of ClarSax Popa

If you can remember Benny Goodman and were a fan of his jazz style, you are going to love this new jazz album. Shawn Goodman is featured on this new release titled "Not Benny's Goodman" where she plays some of the meanest clarinet on the planet. This is simply wonderful jazz.

-- Shane Cody, Roots Music Report / Radio Submit, January 2014

Though this album consists entirely of standards (and very familiar ones at that: "Embraceable You," "Moonglow," "Nancy with the Laughing Face," etc.) it sounds unlike almost any other jazz album that you'll already have in your collection. It's led by clarinetist Shawn Goodman, who is accompanied by pianist Gary Walters, and that's it: no rhythm section, no other soloists. It takes a clarinetist of unusual musical and imaginative resources to carry this kind of program, and Goodman does it spectacularly -- not only with rich melodic invention, but with a beautifully mellow and burnished tone as well. Any library supporting a jazz program, and especially one with emphases in arrangement and orchestration, should hurry to snap this one up.

-- Rick Anderson, CD HotList, February 2014

Clarinetist Shawn Goodman is not related to Benny Goodman and she does not sound like him, even when playing a couple of songs ("Moonglow" and "Embraceable You") that were in his repertoire. Ms. Goodman is a bit closer tone wise to Eddie Daniels, she is a modern player, and she has her own approach to playing clarinet. Not Benny's Goodman features the clarinetist in lyrical duets with pianist Gary Walters, who not too surprisingly does not sound like Teddy Wilson. Walters is both a fine accompanist and soloist, leaving space in the ensembles and adding just the right amount of swing to the music.

The program has its share of ballads along with a few medium-tempo pieces, with the highpoints including Wayne Shorter's "Infant Eyes," "Django," "Lush Life" and Shawn Goodman's atmospheric "Don't Wanna Miss You." Overall this is a relaxed set of melodic and moody music that is very well played. In the future, I would love to hear Shawn Goodman cooking in a quartet too.

-- Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene, April 2014

This is a CD full of emotions, unique ... will be present in all my jazz playlists ... I call it "emotions on the surface" ... gives me the shivers ...

-- Pippo, KC Radio Europa, March 2014